Hello and welcome to my website, Personal Homecare Service.  My name is Janice Redfern and I should like to give you a little information about my career and how I came to set up this service.  So please read on…

I began as a secretary in the executor and trustee division of a Bank, where I dealt with Wills and Probate.  I retired from the post when I began to bring up my family.  During this time I became a childminder registered with Ofsted and took in very young babies up to school age children.  When my family were older my Mother required a little extra help, so I retired from childminding to become a Homehelp assisting her.  I employed carers for her and  dealt with payroll and direct payments.  I was also in charge of her medication.  Combined with this I ran my own company which mainly involved helping the elderly.  Now that my family have all flown the nest and my Mother has passed on, I have made the decision to further my career as a Personal Assistant because I enjoy working with people and have empathy for those whose requirements are a little more than the average everyday need.  The services I am offering are ones I am experienced and qualified in and this is why I hope, care around the home, will work towards helping a much loved family member fulfil their wish to remain in an environment familiar to them.