Light gardening such as lawn mowing, pruning, planting bulbs into flower beds and planters, indoor plant maintenance

I have a portable lawn mower to mow small lawns. For larger lawns I use Ian Redfern whose website is  Pruning shrubs and rose bushes including giving them regular feeds is available.  Planting bulbs and bedding plants into flower beds as well as tubs, pots and planters is something I specialise in, as I like to make gardens, patios, decking and balconies look colourful throughout all Seasons.  Plants grown indoors generally require feeding and watering so it may be difficult for an individual to look after them,  I can be on hand weekly to care for them.  I also provide ongoing maintenance for graves and memorials which does include weeding, trimming the grass, planting Seasonal bulbs and tubas for year round colour