Meals and cooking in home

Meal planning (nutrition based), food shopping, meal preparation, meal cooking and baking, bulk cooking meals for freezing

As I have completed training in Good Nutrition, Good Hydration and MUST I am aware of how to plan a balanced meal for providing appropriate nutrients depending on what diet has to be followed for an individual.  This is especially important amongst the elderly because with the ageing process, nutrients are not easily absorbed by the body.  MUST is a programme used to help individuals overcome anxiety connected with eating disorders and sequences are used to help them return to a normal eating pattern.   I offer to buy the food or accompany to a food shop/supermarket and prepare a meal in readiness for cooking and eating later on in the day, or I can also cook it and serve.  I am happy to assist with baking desserts, cakes, pastries and can plan meals one or two weeks in advance with a view to bulk cooking them and then freezing them.  I have a qualification in Level 2 Award for Food Safety in Catering which has covered basic hygiene in kitchens and procedures to avoid food poisoning. Although I am a vegetarian I am happy to cook meat, poultry and fish based food